My name is Recheza Vriesde aka Chez (or Chez Mix if you’re one of my close friends). Iam a teenager and am absolutely obsessed with books, and that’s why I made this blog!

I also have a Goodreads, Be My Friend, Click here!, a Bookstagram, Follow Me, Click Here!(it’s just instagram but the part where the book community is, just check out #bookstagram ;)) and a Twitter Tweet Me, Click Here!

I am not the best blogger you’ll find, I am also not the best book reviewer for that matter, but I really enjoy talking about things that I love and this really helps me grow. I met a lot of really cool people through this community and I hope to continue doing that.

Now, as I am a person who likes bringing people together, you should also check out these blogs as they are some of my closest friends here:

https://feysbookish.wordpress.com Fey is an amazing person and her blog is so good! I actually met her because we were both going to write a review for the same book.

https://rainfallpages.wordpress.com Samantha is one of my best friends and she finally made a blog! yay! She is a person that you will just love to talk to because she’s so funny and adorable!

Happy reading,




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