Catching Up with Chez

Hello my fellow bookworms *waves hands*
Long time no see! I haven’t been very social, except for on Instagram (@Chezreadz) and twitter (@Chez_Readz), the last two months and I’m very sorry for that!
The reason why is that

  1. I had exams
  2. I moved
  3. I lost my laptop charger

You’re probably wondering how I lost my charger… Here’s the thing, I didn’t actually lose it, I just left it in Surinam.
Now, what actually happened is that the day before my flight I was on my laptop and I put my charger on the table so I could put in in my bag, but everything turned kind of hectic when we were about to leave and I forgot it. Yeah… not my smartest move.
I had to wait until we could order another charger and that happened to be this week.

Anyways, I can use my laptop again now so I decided to post something.
I couldn’t really decide what to post because I didn’t want to post a review but also couldn’t really find a tag or something fun like that so I figured I’d post a little catch up.
I’ll tell you about the move, about my day in Amsterdam with Isa (@Isathebibliophile) and her sister and some small things like what music I’m listening.

I finally moved back to Europe! I’ve lived for the last four years in Suriname and it was a great experience. I got to see where I come from and how the other other part of my family lives like, experience another culture. I really liked it, but it wasn’t for me personally. There were moments that I loved it, most of the time honestly, but it also was boring especially if you are from “advanced” countries like most of Europe or America. I’m not saying Suriname is a country where they live in hunts middle in the jungle and don’t have cellphones, but it’s not on the same level as The Netherlands if that makes sense.
For example there wasn’t much to do, you can go to the movies, go smimming, there are a few partiess but it’s not very diverse and that really stood out to me after four years. I do really like Suriname and will definitly go for vacation again, though.
Back to the point, me and my brother moved in with my dad and stepmother in Luxembourg. My mom stayed in Surinam but we left because school here is just a lot more organized and we all know the two of us would go back after some time. I also basically finished the schooltime of MULO (a 4 year school before you go to high school in Suriname which you can also do in 3 if you skip the last year) so the timing was good.
I live in Luxembourg now! I can now more easily meet up with my bookish friends and my family who I’ve missed so I’m glad. I’m also getting a few cousins now so I’m glad I’m closer by so I can be in their lives! I have a cute cousin who’s about a year and a half and I’m absolutely smitten with her ❤

I don’t think I’ll go into much detail because I might write a seperate blogpost about this, but I met Isa and her sister Jula!
If you don’t know, Isa is a Dutch bookstagrammer and I met her in my first few months on bookstagram. She has easily become one of my best friends and I’m really glad I finally got to meet her in person.
I was two weeks in the Netherlands to see my family so Isa, Jula and I decided to go to Amsterdam for a day. I was in Nieuwegein at the time so we met up in Utrecht and took the train to Amsterdam.
I walked to the train and then I saw them… You might not know this, but Dutch people can be VERY long.
Isa and Jula are giants! Seriously! I was so glad that I’d finally grown to a normal height but those two made me feel like a smurf! They are both a head taller than me and everytime I think about it I just laugh because I can just picture the weird scene the three of us made.
My hair was also down and quite big which gives me another 3 or 4 cm but nooo, those two need to be 1.75 cm!
Enough about their height now but really?!?

We ate some italian, went shopping and I ended up buying some reaally cute clothes and books (which I will tell you about in my vacation haul) and after our five hours of shopping we went to Starbucks to wait until we had to get the train back. Would you believe that it was my first time going to a Starbucks?

Prepare because I am about to fangirl like it’s nobody’s bussiness!
FIrst let me act like a normal human being and name some artists I always look up if I want to listen to music: Dua Lipa,Sam Smith, Camilla Cabello, Little Mix and Demi Lovato! I really like Sorry not Sorry and Crying in the Club, they are two of my favorite songs at the moment.

For those of you who don’t know them, they’re a Kpop (Korean pop) group of seven members. They have gained a lot of popularity international and have even won Top Social Artist on the Billbord Music Awards. They seem really laid back and intimidating at first but they are a group of adorable dorks (well Suga has a lot of swag but we’re not talking about that right now)
I really like them because their songs have a lot of meaning and not only that but they have really worked hard to get where they are right now and have stayed humble along the way. (BTW, Jimin is my bias!)
Some of my favorite songs by them are Save Me, Lie, I need U but the one that’s my ringtone is Baepsae. That song is so good! My best friend isn’t a fan of Kpop (yet) but she also really likes it!
I recommend you to go listen to BTS because they are amazing! They also have a new album coming out Monday, it’s called Love YOurself: Her and I am so hyped for it haha.
I also like some other Kpop songs like those of Seventeen and BlackPink but I’m not a fan of them like I am of BTS.

Finish, not start and read.
Last month I was in a reading slump so I basically started a bunch of book sbut didn’t finish them/ I normally don’t set a TBR because I always end up reading other books, but I’d like to finish the ones I started so I don’t forget about them.

  • Because You Love to Hate Me
  • The Destined by E.J. Mellow
  • One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus
  • The Crowns of Croswald by D.E. Night
  • Reflection: Stranger in the Mirror by Rachel R. Smith

These aren’t a lot by my standards and I’ll probably end up moving some to October because I won’t havemuch time to read with school starting on Tuesday but I will do my best!

I feel like this post is a bit long now so I’ll end it here! I really liked writing about just random stuff so I might do a Cathing Up With Chez every month!


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