Confessions of a Queen B* by Crista McHugh

Confessions of a Queen B* (The Queen B*, #1)

Title: Confessions of a Queen B*

Genre: Contemporary

Series: The Queen B* Book: 1

Author: Crista McHugh

Page count: 180

My stars: star-icon-30star-icon-30star-icon-30star-icon-30


Alexis Wyndham is the other type of Queen B—the Queen Bitch.
After years of being the subject of ridicule, she revels in her ability to make the in-crowd cower via the exposés on her blog, The Eastline Spy. Now that she’s carved out her place in the high school hierarchy, she uses her position to help the unpopular kids walking the hallways.
Saving a freshman from bullies? Check.
Swapping insults with the head cheerleader? Check.
Falling for the star quarterback? So not a part of her plan.
But when Brett offers to help her solve the mystery of who’s posting X-rated videos from the girls’ locker room, she’ll have to swallow her pride and learn to see past the high school stereotypes she’s never questioned—until now.


Dear readers,
If you’re reading this you are likely on my blog, and if you’re not I have no idea in hell what you are doing.
I am here to talk to you about the book Confessions of a Queen B*.
What to say about this book? Well, first of all it was brilliant because I got to read a book in the mean girl’s point of view. Not only that, but a mean girl who isn’t the popular head cheerleader! Alexis is such a fun character to read about. As a narrator she puts lightness in heavy situations and most of the time I couldn’t stop laughing.
Even though her family is (really) far from perfect, I enjoyed the scenes with her parents. We only got one or two, but both parents are immensely funny while still (kind of) being parents.
They do have a lot of nasty habits I confess, but hé, nobody’s perfect! Wel… except maybe Golden Boy, Brett.

Just writing about Brett gets me all hot and bordered. His personality, his laugh, his compassion *cough* his body *cough*. Who said that? *bats eyes innocently*
Almost everyone is afraid of Lexi, but Brett tries to get a rise out of her. He challenges her and he gets her flustered and he figures her out really quick. He sees through her bitchieness and even when she tries to push her away, he is there to help her or just to accompany her.
I loved the scenes between Lexi and Brett because we really get to know more about both of them and because they are so different they click really well.
Brett is the most popular guy in school and football (the American football) star and all that, but he puts on a front and needs to talk to who will give it to him straight.
Alexis really is a bitch and has no problem putting people in their place. She has a blog where she exposes problematic and nasty scandals that happen at her school. Everyone is scared that they’ll be the next subject to be put on her blog and she uses that fear to keep people in line. She acts all tough, but she, too, needs someone who will take the rough edge of her.
She is relatable in her own way, and I found myself learning much.
Lexi has a family that you can definitely describe as different, but not in a super good way. Her parents are divorced and they both have their own things they run off to.
Her dad is involved with his assistants and her mom is never really home. She doesn’t let it get her down though, she fights on as if she was born this way.

The only thing I found frustrating wa Lexi’s guard. She didn’t let people get too close, which I understand, but sometimes her attitude became irritating. But like I said, I really enjoyed reading from Lexi’s point of view. She has these two best friends, one who I am not really fond of, that she talks to. Besides the fact that their group is uber normal (a doctor-Phil gay guy, a goth chick who has lot of one night stands and a queen b*) their chemistry is adorable in its own way.

Apart from the characters I just really liked the story. It wasn’t heavy and really quick to read. I finished it in one sitting and the ending left me satisfied, but at the same time hungry for the next book.

(This book does have some foul language, so if you have a problem with that be warned.)

Note: I got this book from a website called It is a website where authors give their books out for free and I would recommend you to check it out.


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