Books I’m Currently Reading (17-Feb-18)

As you may (or may not) know I have been in a reading slump since September last year (2017). Not only because school started but also because I have been into a lot of shows these days and spend all my time watching them.

I have started a lot of books and read them bit by bit, but I believe that they deserve more than that, so I’m here to educate you about them and update you about my messy reading.

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Catching Up with Chez

Hello my fellow bookworms *waves hands*
Long time no see! I haven’t been very social, except for on Instagram (@Chezreadz) and twitter (@Chez_Readz), the last two months and I’m very sorry for that!
The reason why is that

  1. I had exams
  2. I moved
  3. I lost my laptop charger

You’re probably wondering how I lost my charger… Here’s the thing, I didn’t actually lose it, I just left it in Surinam.
Now, what actually happened is that the day before my flight I was on my laptop and I put my charger on the table so I could put in in my bag, but everything turned kind of hectic when we were about to leave and I forgot it. Yeah… not my smartest move.
I had to wait until we could order another charger and that happened to be this week.

Anyways, I can use my laptop again now so I decided to post something.
I couldn’t really decide what to post because I didn’t want to post a review but also couldn’t really find a tag or something fun like that so I figured I’d post a little catch up.
I’ll tell you about the move, about my day in Amsterdam with Isa (@Isathebibliophile) and her sister and some small things like what music I’m listening.

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Top 5 BookBoyfriends

What’s the best thing about books?
Yes that’s good too…
Ok, you’re right there are a lot of good things about books, but I was talking about all the hotties in books! Yeah that’s right! BOOK BOYFRIENDS!
There are a lot of book boyfriends out there, considering the amount of books there are.
I chose for this list my favorite boyfriends. I almost couldn’t choose and I took the ones that I’ve lain in bed thinking about, or the ones who can still get butterflies in my stomach by just the mention of them.

Also quick disclaimer: This is my opinion, and I’m sure there are a lot of good guys out in all the books! There are some popular ones from books I haven’t read yet, so please keep that in mind!

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