Author Interview | Annie Woods

Hello again! How did you like the previous interviews? Did they give you a bit more insight about the author and made you want to read there books? I hope so…otherwise I’m doing something wrong!

This weeks interiew is with Annie Woods! I asked Woods if I could interview her because I’m currently finishing the review copy of her book, First Came Forever, that she was so nice to send to me. Be on the lookout for a review to come!

Before you continue reading I must warn you…Most of Woods’s answers are very long but I feel like you get to know her through them, so I hope you keep up with them!

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Author Interview | Chani Lynn Feener

I’m back with another interview! How are all of you doing on this fine day?
Let’s skip small talk and just jump into the blog post because if I’m being honest, I have nothing small to say haha.

Today’s interview is with the lovely Chani Lynn Feener. She’s the author of one of my favorite series, The Underworld Saga, the spin of adult series, The Seven Deadly Sins, and the science fiction series, Xenith. As for now I have only read the Underwold Saga so I can’t really say much about the other two, but if they’re as good as the Underworld saga I can tell you they’re amazing!
The Underworld Saga and the Seven Deadly Sins are greek mythology. Underworld is a retelling of the Persephone/Hades story and has a lot of interesting twits and personal touches! I can’t recommend it enough.

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Author Interview | Rachel E. Carter

Interview #1 in the interview segment!
The first author interview that is posted in the series will be with the great… *drums* Rachel E. Carter!
If you follow my blog (I recommend you do, it’s just one click!) or my instagram you’ll know that I adore Rachel! She’s so amazing and I love talking to her almost as much as I love her books. The Black Mage series is one that you’ll want to have read! The story just builds up from this adorable magic learning, romance, adventure story to the dark unpredictible book you just can’t put down! You’ll love and love to hate the character Rachel creates and you’ll go freaking ou to her as she laughs at your pain…Not that I’m speaking from experience. *Runs away crying*

I won’t keep you too long trying to explain how great she is, I’ll just let you read the interview and find out for yourself!

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Author Debut (Interview); Leonie Rhule

Hello to my sweet readers!
While I was setting up the new interview segment (stay tuned for that) I found a new branch of it! This is the first interview I’m doing with a debut author and I’m hoping I get the chance to do it again because I had a lot of fun coming up with question to highlight beginning your published writing journey.

Now let’s start with the actual interview.

I am interviewing Leonie Rhule, a 22 year old londoner whose debut novel is coming out on the 26th of April!
I hope this interview gives you a little more insight of Leonie Rhule and makes you excited for her book!

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Books I’m Currently Reading (17-Feb-18)

As you may (or may not) know I have been in a reading slump since September last year (2017). Not only because school started but also because I have been into a lot of shows these days and spend all my time watching them.

I have started a lot of books and read them bit by bit, but I believe that they deserve more than that, so I’m here to educate you about them and update you about my messy reading.

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