Covers I’d like to recreate

I was scrolling through Goodreads a couple of days ago, looking for my next mood read when I cam across a cute looking Urban Fantasy novel. Now you might think; “What’s so special, Chez? You’re always looking for Urban Fantasy when you’re browsing like that.”
I’m not saying that isn’t true, because it totally is, but the ‘special’ thing about this book was that the cover had a black girl on it with a hairstyle I love to do!

I realised that I haven’t really made any posts, here or on instagram, about the growing diversity and I wanted to change that in a fun way!
If you are on instagram and follow bookstagram accounts you might know of the posts where people recreate the book’s cover for the photo.
This post is going to be all about books with black people/girls on the covers that I’d like to remake.

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Interview | Demi from TillAndDill

Anyone know Till And Dill? Yes? No? Hold up let me inform you about this amazing business!

Till and Dill is a Dutch Bookish Merch business that’s run by 2 sisters. They started off making bookmarks and have later added postcards, pins etc, and have gained over 8k followers on Instagram (I can proudly say that I was one of the first ones).

Demi aka Dill, one of the sisters, is one of the sweetest people I’ve met on bookstagram and she was so nice to do this interview!

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